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A Piece of Italy – I Mean Naples – in Notting Hill

Pasquale places cutlery next to my sfogliatella.  Pointedly.  “You Northerners probably eat it with a knife and fork,” he says, deadpan, and strolls to look out of the front door, his hands behind his back. He says Northerner to me, … Continue reading

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Some people have studies.  Others dens.  Or offices.  I have a Scriptorium. In our previous home, H. worked in the spare room, and I at the dining table in the living room.  After a while, however, I found it hard … Continue reading

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Learning to Live in a New House

H. and I moved two months ago.  My fortieth-something move.  That’s not counting packing up the contents of my college room at Durham on the last day of every term, then unpacking it again when term restarted.  No, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Crack in the Viewfinder?

Last year, I was at the Easter Sunday service at Norwich Cathedral with a new acquaintance.  In the distance, I noticed a lady in the congregation whose face was very familiar.  “I think I went to College with her,” I … Continue reading

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Gender Equality: Women’s Attitudes.

International Women’s Day makes me feel uneasy.  The fact that there should still be a need for it.  For all the leaps and bounds we’ve have made in Europe and other countries since the relatively recent times when women couldn’t … Continue reading

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For the Old to Fertilise the New

Get a large, strong bag. Clean your home. Wash the floors, Polish the wood, Dust the shelves, Scrub the sink. Then drop all the dirt into the large, strong bag. Walk around your home And collect from the air and … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

“Once in Royal David’s City Stood a lowly cattle shed”. I hold my breath.  I always find myself holding my breath for the minute or so between the BBC Radio 4 announcer’s voice falling silent and the chorister getting to … Continue reading

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