Wind-swept, East of England skies.  Shapeshifting clouds.  Swirls of white puff that stretch into mountains, curl into castles, swell into dragons, rise into chariots, then metamorphose into angels.  Skies mottled with lead-grey, steel-grey, velvet grey with  undertones of purple, shades of pink, hints of blue and glints of gold.  Ever-changing skies.  Skies so big, they come all the way down to your feet.

Elms that rise proud against the sky, copper beeches that glow in the afternoon sun, weeping willows swaying by the river, oaks – hundred of years old – that stand strong against the hurricanes.  Trees that have witnessed generations parade before them.  Trees with stories full of magic to tell, if you would listen.

Winds that howl in the night, winds that rattle wooden window frames, gales that push against you as you struggle to walk up the street.  Winds that tear off scaffoldings.  Passionate, exhilarating winds that stir your soul.

The river that rushes beneath your favourite bridge.  The bridge that overhears your secrets you whisper to the river.  The river, that washes away your worries and to which you confide your dreams.

Autumns of scarlet, ocher and gold.  Springs bursting white pink and white blossoms.

Contrasts.  Passion.  Change.  Light.  Colour.

Scribe Doll




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21 Responses to Homesick

  1. Anna says:

    Oh my god! So poetic!! So deeply felt and beautifully written!

  2. sammee44 says:

    Loved your beautifully described post, Katia–you paint such picturesque scenes. . .

  3. Lovely work, Katia. (Of course, when you’re back at home after your six months has expired–am I right, was that the term?–we’ll expect lavish remembrances of Brussels, too! The demands of an audience are neverending!)

  4. Brilliantly evocative…at first I thought ye were writing about Ireland….

  5. evanatiello says:

    Well, I can see why now. Thanks for letting me feel it all. xo

  6. Beautifully depicted, as visual as a painting!

  7. Homesickness…it is a place, but it is also the people, Katia. Very evocative piece. ~nan

  8. So beautiful, Katia…it made me long for other days, other places…. Thank you!

  9. Ron. says:

    I wish I’d written that. Well done.

  10. Wonderful, your depictions – another lover of clouds. I posted a few images of cloud mountains back in May, made during a flight to Munich.

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